How to enable hardware encryption of my 1TB Intel SSD 660p 1TB? I can't find any useful information on the internet. I hope that the encryption function can be used for theft prevention.

My motherboard does not support ATA password. I know that one way to enable hardware encryption is through Bitlocker. But if I forced Bitlocker to use hardware encryption, then the encryption function of Bitlocker could not be used. This seems to imply that Intel's hard drive does not support Bitlocker for hardware encryption.

I am worried about that Intel's "AES256 hardware encryption" is completely different from what I expected.

Maybe the Intel's AES encryption is used for secure erase (Clear the data in the hard drive by destroying the AES-key directly), not for prevention of theft.

If so, I wasted my money on this hard drive.

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  • Are you sure the motherboard doesn't support ATA password? It's a pretty standard feature. A BIOS update might enable it – paj28 Mar 2 at 11:37

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