I created one EC2 instance and hosted a backend for my application on it then I want SSL certificate so I follow some AWS tutorials and then use Load balancer to attach that cert to my EC2.

but now that ELB is costing me too much and I want to remove it.

So i need to know how can i attach SSL to my EC2 without that load balancer


You can't use AWS certificates outside of loadbalencers or cloudfront.

You can use letsencrypt to generate a new (free) certificate from your ec2 instance. See https://letsencrypt.org/getting-started/

  • Not even on an Amazon EC2 instance that's running without a loadbalancer? – Qasim May 16 '20 at 15:54
  • @Qasim - No. ACM certificate private keys are not available so you cant install the certificates yourself on your servers, they are only available to supported AWS services listed here: docs.aws.amazon.com/acm/latest/userguide/acm-services.html AWS do provide a "private CA" option - but this is hundreds of dollars a month and designed for big companies - that leaves you with LetsEncypt(free & automatic much like ACM), or any budget certificate provider you can find in a search engine and manually installing the certificate chain files. – MisterSmith May 17 '20 at 9:48

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