So I have 3 drives in my PC: 1 system, 1 backup, 1 storage.

I'm trying to add the contents of the storage drive to the Windows 10 indexing service, but when I go to Index Options, the drive is not listed anywhere: it's not under "index these locations", so I hit the "Modify" button, and the drive is not listed under "Change selected locations". So then I hit "Show all locations" button and, again, the drive is not listed under "Change selected locations". So I hit cancel. Frustrating.

I have checked the drive security permissions and they are the same as the other drives.

I really need this drive to be indexed, help me figuring this out please


As it turns out, my Windows 10 was not recognizing my storage drive as a fixed drive, and was considering it a removable drive. Here is how I determined the problem and found a fix:

  • First I found an online guide suggesting a drive letter change fix. I did that, and as I changed the drive letter, a windows notification popped up asking me what to do when a removable drive is connected to the system. I thought that was strange. Switched back to the regular drive letter I use and, again, the same notification popped up.

  • Suspecting the drive was not being properly recognized as fixed, I checked the indexing locations again under Indexing Options, recalling that I kept seeing a folder displayed with a long ID string, and a tooltip informing me that that particular location was unavailable. I never assumed this to be a problem since I also have USB drives plugged in/out sometimes:


  • PROBLEM FIX: to set the drive to be seen by windows as permanently fixed follow Microsoft's own guide here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3083627/internal-sata-drives-show-up-as-removeable-media

  • If for whatever reason the command mentioned in the MS guide doesn't work follow these steps below

    1. open Registry Editor in administrator mode
    2. browse registry folders to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\storahci\Parameters\Device
    3. add a new "Multi String Value" called "TreatAsInternalPort" and list the bus number for the drive in question:

new registry value

  1. it should look like this once you are done: Registry edited

  2. reboot and check Indexing Options again, you should now see your drive on the selection list.

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