I want to remove all extra spaces between text. Codebeautify gives me exactly what I'm looking for. How would I go about doing that in Notepad++? I’m having trouble finding a way to describe this precisely; see the link and use the sample or type a bunch of random words with 20 to 50 spaces between them.


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    Please, edit your question and add sample text and expected result. A link to an external site doesn't help.
    – Toto
    Apr 24 '19 at 18:12

Here a workaround that work on most of the software : Open the "Search and Replace" function (CTRL+H), in the "Search" field type two space " " and in the "Replace" field type one space " " then click on "Replace All" button as many time as you need to replace all the useless space (0 occurrences found).

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