I've got a folder that I created a few months ago on a secondary drive (E:) on one of our servers. It was shared for a user (and part of DFS). I've since removed the DFS entry for it as well as the sharing on it. I deleted all the contents, but am unable to delete the folder itself. From the CMD prompt I get a generic "Access Denied". From Explorer it tells me that I need to get permission from myself. I click OK, and then access denied... The folder has myself and administrator listed as full control. I'm shown as the owner of the folder. I've done a CMD prompt as administrator and access is still denied. I've rebooted and the results are the same afterwards. Any ideas on what's going on with this folder?


I was finally able to delete the folder by first changing the ownership of it to a less privileged user. Then an admin level user deletion went through without any issue.

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