I was trying to remove a broken jack (3.5mm) from my audio panel on the top of my case, which is a Phanteks Eclipse P400 and I disassembled it until I could extract the piece that you can see here:

This goes to the motherboard

Side view of the same piece

Piece that pops from the top panel of the case

Same piece, side view

Since I'd like to buy a replacement for this, I need to know how this is called, but I couldn't find anything during my searches, so you're my last chance. (I don't even know if I selected the tag correctly...)

  • The first is an audio header, I think. I'm not sure you can find the whole assembly.
    – user931000
    Apr 26, 2019 at 9:51

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I would go for "5x2 pin header connector" plus two "3.5mm TRS jacks" plus "a bunch of coloured wires". The individual parts are mostly standard (although I think you need to be careful about pin spacing and dimensions), but the whole assembly is likely just done for this specific product.

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