Setup follows at the end

I have a server running vsftp and I setup user "cu1", so that connection is using a certificate.

I want to setup an SFTP-Server so that I can connect to restricted home folders.

Current status:

  • Using Putty, I cannot login,as I redirected the shell to /bin/false
  • Using FileZilla, I can login. But when stopping vsftpd, I can ALSO LOG IN?
  • In local mode (so, ftp on the machine), I can login and it seems, that I'm restricted to my home folder as planned.
  • If I stop vsftpd, I cannot login using ftp as there's no communication partner.


  • How can I check, if my SFTP is properly running; FileZilla seems to use a different protocol
  • Why can FileZilla still access, even if the FTP-Server is not running; does it switch to SCP?
    • And if so: Why is scp possible, when shell is disabled?

**Setup: **

  • Ubuntu18.04 Server on AWS with ports 20-24, 990 and 1024-2048 available

  • vsftpd on the machine to setup an FTP Server that shall run over SFTP


  • root

  • ubuntu (my superuser to connect via SSH)

  • ftpsecure to be used by vsftpd

  • sftp (as basic user for the sftp; shall access all subuser folders)

  • cu1 (a sub user with home folder in /home/sftp/home/cu1)

Thank you for any advice, I'm super confused O_o

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    AFAIK vsftpd is for FTPS (FTP-on-SSL) and not SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). These two protocols are rather different animals. FTPS is an extension/evolution of FTP, SFTP is a part of SSH and only requires a SSH daemon on the host. – xenoid Apr 26 at 11:37
  • D'Oh; they should call it vftpsd then ^^. OK, thank you for the information. – Human_BetaRelease Apr 26 at 13:00
  • @Human_BetaRelease The first version of vsftpd was released earlier (Feb 2001) than the very first draft of SFTP specification (Jul 2001). – Martin Prikryl Apr 26 at 13:35

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