Since yesterday google chrome have been running in dark mode. As far as I understand, this is due to a new update which makes chrome follow the mode of my default app mode. When I google for an answer most of the questions is about how to enable dark mode, but not many about how to disable it or force light mode.

I'm running on windows 10 with dark mode as default app mode and I intend to continue doing so, so changing to light theme isn't the solution here. I have tried changing the theme on chrome but the url bar is still in black so that would be the last solution.

I've seen a number of command line switches on peter.sh but those are intended for chromium, not google chrome (I know that they share many similar switches but they are not completely identical). I saw that there is a --force-dark-mode but it seems like there isn't any --force-light-mode.

Can I find an updated list of google chrome command line switches somewhere else, or any other solution that might work?

Thanks in advance!

  • Perhaps you should try what you found for Chromium. It's the (open-source) base code for Chrome, the only difference being the latter has some Google proprietary code added. For such basic operations what works in Chromium should work in the same version Chrome. – GabrielaGarcia Apr 26 at 17:32
  • @GabrielaGarcia Hi! I did look through the list some times but couldn't find any switches that gives the desired result. Also this is a single persons website, doesn't google have any documentations covering this? I can't seem to find any. – kebbaben Apr 27 at 7:30

As of the version 76.0.3809.100, this solution doesn't work anymore. (1),(2)

I took a look at this issue in Google Support and found this answer:

Add to Chrome shortcut properties target: --disable-features=DarkMode

So the entire target looks something like: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-features=DarkMode

Do this to your desktop shortcut (and unpin/repin the icon in the taskbar to get the updated shortcut) and it should be light while Windows is still in Dark Mode.

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    Thank you, this works! I had some issues with it not starting correctly due to me starting chrome from taskbar. Just unpinned and repinned it and it worked perfectly! – kebbaben May 5 at 10:55
  • @kebbaben Nice, glad it worked! – CaldeiraG May 5 at 15:22
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    It seems that google have once again changed something for the worse and now the command line switch doesn't work since this morning. Do you have any other ideas of how to to fix this problem? – kebbaben Aug 7 at 7:42
  • @kebbaben hey, it appears it's not only you. I'll have a look again and I come up with something I will edit the answer – CaldeiraG Aug 7 at 7:59
  • Then as this doesn't work anymore I'll have to revoke the accepted answer until a new one has been provided. – kebbaben Aug 8 at 12:54

I solved this problem by going to Go to windows setting > colors > Custom and then I chose Dark for default Windows and Light for Windows App.

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    Read the question before posting an answer. In my question I wrote: I'm running on windows 10 with dark mode as default app mode and I intend to continue doing so. Even if it solves your problem, this answer is not a solution to this problem. – kebbaben Jul 9 at 6:26

I have same problem as well.

It's about your windows setting. Go to windows setting > colors > choose your default app mode to "light", then go back to chrome, it should change back to the original light mode.

But of course it means your windows can't have dark background of course. For your reference, now I choose to stay in dark for windows setting, and change the chrome theme to "pro grey', it a compromise for me.

change the setting from dark to light

  • this doesn't answer the question in any way – phuclv May 4 at 5:31
  • @lee Please read the question before answering: "I'm running on windows 10 with dark mode as default app mode and I intend to continue doing so" – kebbaben May 5 at 10:59

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