Good Evening, I've setup a colleciton of four hard drives on a Raid 5 arrengment using a GA-970A-DS3P motherboard. Just getting to know the processes and im trying a simple remove and reinsert of one of the drives. However the system is reporting the array is critical, the bios is now showing a raid 5 with missing disc, and a separate single disk without the option to re-include this in the raid 5 array.

I've got the windows program 'RAID xpert' which allows me to re-select this and add it to the array, however this is manual and it also seems to require a complete rebuild.

Given that neither the fourth drive hardware or data on it have changed, is it really necessary to do a rebuild?

Also it seems to require me to manually chose the fourth hd for it to rebuild. Can't this happen automatically without using raidXpert?

Thanks in advance, e

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