I tried moving the window with alt+space+m but it always get pinned to the end of the screen. I want to move its head out of the screen so I can increase my visibility by removing the headers. Any setting that will help me?

I'm using windows server 2019 data center.

OK - I installed AltDrag as suggested by this comment and yes I can stick the top of the window above the screen resolution but now I can't resize its bottom to be larger then the screen height. Any ideas?

I tried killing windows explorer as well.


Windows 10 does not let you move a window above the top of the screen (I haven't tested for earlier Windows versions).

The old method of Alt+Space+m does move the window above the top, but it will snap back when going out of "move" mode.

You will need a program for overcoming this "helpful" feature of Windows, for example using AutoHotkey.

The following AutoHotkey script will move the currently active window to a position of 10 pixels above the top of the screen and set its height to make it reach the bottom of the screen. It uses the WinMove command and is triggered by F10.

F10::WinMove A,,,-10,, A_ScreenHeight+10

Modify this one-liner according to your needs and put it into a text file with the extension .ahk. Double-click to start, right-click its tray icon to stop execution. If useful, it can be copied to the Startup folder.

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