I created my autocomplete file after reading some documents. The problem is i cant add space within a keyword. My keyword is "define method .xx" But notepad++ recognise all of the worda separately. Is there any way to do it. I read somewhere that i will have to edit some notepad files in c. I am pretty new, so please can anyone guide me. Any help would really be appreciated.


This seems to be impossible.

Citing the documentation article Auto Completion in Notepad++, section How to create keyword auto-completion definition files:

The basic character set used to recognise keywords is made of letters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 digits and the underscore. In future release of Notepad++, you will be able to add more characters - the dot is a likely candidate - by specifying the additionalWordChars parameter in the environment. The value will be a string with all the extra parameters without any separators. However, this additionalWordChars is still not working (Notepad++ v.6.5.2)!

The blank is not listed here as being one of the characters that you may include in an auto-complete keyword.

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