When we built our house we had Cat6 run from all rooms into a central location. All the cable runs end up in a Levinton 24 port tray. I checked the back and all the cable runs are connected to various ports and labeled.

We have a shaw cable box (router) which is connected with a Cat6 to the Internet Wan Port on the Time Capsule. The time capsule throws my Wifi around the house.

The Time Capsule has three other internet ports which I'm using. One of them is connected directly into a 8 port DLink 10/100 Switch. Im then running several short runs of Cat 6 from the Dlink to the Levinton port tray.

Ive had this set up for a while and ONLY have been using the games room( call this port 1 on tray) which has an Xbox, Station and stand alone PC. SO I never noticed anything amiss.....Well, we have moved the PC into the kids bedroom and when I connected the ethernet to the wall... nothing.

Here's the head scratcher...at least for me. When looking at the DLink, the only blinking lights is the incoming signal and games room. All others are blank.

Even when I bypass the Dlink and TC and connect directly from Shaw Cable router into the levinton tray port...nothing happens. No signal is passed from router to the tray. Its as if the whole tray is dead with the exception of one port (games room)

My TC is set up for DHCP and NAT. Don't recall what my router is set to.

Any suggestions or questions would be super appreciated.

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    Get a cable tester and some short test cables. I'd suggest a better tester than the cheapo $10 ones, but they'll still give you some info. Plug the test cables in on either end and then use the cable tester - make sure the cables in the wall test good - there is a good chance they just weren't installed well (ie, possibly punch downs are not punched well enough or cables were damaged when secured). – MaQleod Apr 30 at 5:16
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    And one side note - you won't see a link light, even if plugged into the tray, unless there is an Ethernet link negotiation that completes - it isn't just that a cable is plugged into a port, it must be plugged into a device, so it is normal not to see lights anywhere you don't have devices plugged into the wall on the other side - but the new room you plugged into, that should make a light go on - so if that isn't working, you don't have a link, which is usually a cable issue, hence my suggestion above. – MaQleod Apr 30 at 5:20
  • Ok thanks. I'll try that. Does the Dlink need to be "set up" or should it just be plug and play? – Bert May 1 at 1:50
  • It does depend on the model. If it is a router/AP, it'll need to be set up to work with anything else you have on the network (such as the cable modem/router), but if it is just a switch with no layer 3 functionality, then it should just be plug and play. – MaQleod May 1 at 15:19

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