All over the INTERNET I found that CELL function returns the full file path, the Drive letter, Workbook and Sheet name in a format of C:\Folder\[workbook.xlsm] sheetname more or less by entering the following formula into a cell,


Doesn't work...at least not for me.

I do not get path [workbook.xlsm] Sheet name, which is the format every site states should be the result, and instead I get,


No brackets, No sheet name.

Can any one suggest me how to fix this issue!

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    Try just =CELL("filename") and make sure you have saved the workbook. FYI the sheet it lists is the active sheet in the workbook so make sure a sheet is actually active – Eric F Apr 30 at 18:50
  • Nothing wrong with Formula, it should =Cell("Filename") or even =Cell("Filename,A1) is working without any problem for me!! – Rajesh S May 1 at 9:00

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