I have access to the basic shell on /bin/sh QNX Neutrino OS (6.4.1)

I want to plot a graph of CPU usage (increase or decrease) over time. The data values can be percentages. I have tried certain methods to quickly infer current CPU utilization (e.g. as described in this article here).

How do I gather a collection of these values over time? Are these values stored anywhere? I tried /proc/stat with no luck. And I don’t seem to be able to install sar on this OS.

  • I am using QNX Neutrino OS which doesn't have sar or a package manager. – learnerX Apr 30 at 23:16
  • sar is really the answer most Linux users will recommend. So I have edited the question for clarity with regards to using sar but not being able to use it on QNX Neutrino OS. – JakeGould Apr 30 at 23:30

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