I configured KVM/qemu on redhat7 and deployed a VM using the default NAT virtual network. I was able to migrate the VM from the source host to the destination host seamlessly.

However, using NAT does not suit my environment because all the VM's needs to communicate with each other and from one host to another. so, i deployed another VM using bridged network.

i tried doing a live migration of the VM from one host to another, see below the error i was getting:

“Unable to migrate guest: Unable to get index for interface em1: No such device”

my NIC on the source host is em1. it’s configured with an IP of since my environment is on subnet

my NIC on the target host is eno1 configured with an IP of

My guest VM ip is

I want my VM to use and be able to migrate live and not since the network is not defined in my environment. How do i go about it please?

To add to this, I usually do a live migration on vmware. How i do it is to create a v.motion network which is attached to a virtual NIC and to a virtual switch which has an uplink to the physical NIC both on the source and destination host and i have always been able to migrate Vm's. I discovered that I cannot create a virtual network on KVM if that subnet already exist. It's so confusing. Please help out

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