I would like to use right-mouse-button combos while preserving the native behavior of the button:

*RButton::Send {RButton down}        ; 1-simluate original behavior of RButton
*RButton UP::Send {RButton up}       ; 2-simluate original behavior of RButton

~RButton & WheelUp::Send !{Esc}      ; 3-switch to next Windows task
~RButton & WheelDown::Send !+{Esc}   ; 4-switch to previous Windows task
~RButton & LButton::SoundBeep        ; 5-perform another custom action

If you use the above set of macros, you will find that:

  • Simulation of original button behavior (1 and 2) works nicely.
  • Wheel combos (3 and 4) work nicely.
  • After executing combo 5, right button is still being sent and a context menu opens in current app. How can this be fixed?

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