Can someone please help me create an Excel formula? Here is what the table looks like.

enter image description here

What I need is to sum up all cols that are after Jan and have model number 1.

  • Can you show us the expected output? Are you expecting (a) individual monthly totals at the bottom of each month column, OR, (b) are you expecting a single value which sums every "01" model across all months together, OR (c) something else. If (a), then Jan conditional total would be 201 (100+101), Feb's = 206, Mar's = 202 and Apr's = 199. If (b), then the answer would be conditional totals across all months i.e. 201+206+202+199 = 808. – Bharat Anand May 3 '19 at 1:00

I would like to suggest two different methods,

  1. Get Column total except Jan for Model 1.

  2. Get total of all Columns except Jan for Model 1.

enter image description here

  • Formula in Cell D209 to get Column total:


Fill formula Right.

  • Formula in Cell F211 to get total of all Columns:


Adjust cell references in the Formula as needed.

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