Here is my situation. I have 100 tabs open in Firefox. Within each tab is 20 unique URLs. I only need 10 of these links. This adds up to 1000 unique URLs I need extracted into a text list, so I can copy paste into another program to open them all at once in Firefox as separate tabs.

I'm looking for a way to quickly apply a filter and search within these 100 tabs to output a list of the 1000 unique URLs. Currently I've only found addons similar to one called LinkGopher They are only able to filter from 1 tab at a time. I need an addon that can filter links WITHIN ALL open tabs.

  • Hi, do you have any coding knowledge? – dmb May 2 at 19:02
  • No unfortunately. – a1chera_ May 2 at 19:19
  • Hmm then I believe you could try iMacros or Selenium IDE. You can run a Macros that includes all the steps needed for one tab and finish it by moving to the next one. But I can't help you alot given that I usually code a small script for stuff like this. – dmb May 2 at 19:24
  • Out of curiosity what type of coding language should I learn if I wanted create this script myself? JavaScript? I dabbled in Python a few years ago over at codeacademy, but lost interest. Creating scripts is something I'd find most useful because I run into a lot of problems like the one I mentioned here, where I want to automate something to save hours of repetitive actions only to achieve 1 simple result. – a1chera_ May 2 at 19:35
  • 1
    People code this scripts in a bunch of high level languages like Javascipt, Java, C# or python. Personally I use Python3+Selenium+Firefox. It's way easier to learn a language by doing than by just studying. If you have an objective then it should be easy to prototype something, baby steps are the key. – dmb May 2 at 19:46

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