My setup:

  • A kubernetes cluster (GKE).
  • The GKE has pod A, and a related service A with port 15000. I opened up the compute firewall, and I attached an external static ip address to the cluster, and I can access the pod through that ip and port 15000, all is good here.
  • Another pod (B) and service (B) with port 16000. Like above, everything works. I can reach that pod as well.
  • I created an HTTPS load balancer, trying to forward path /frontend to port 15000 and path /backend to port 16000. In the load balancer, I created 2 backend services, both are set to "Instance Group" of the GKE (I only have 1), and I listed the ports above.
  • I also created healthchecks with the same ports as above.

The healthchecks and the load balancer - both doesn't work. Healthcheck simply says "not healthy" (I can't find any logs or something), and trying to reach the load balancer ip I get 502 server error with a generic server error message.

What is the problem? how can I even see logs or understand what is wrong here?

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