Good morning and thanks for however can assist.

I have been running the Macro below for a while now and it works beautifully for combining the presentations. However, it always converts all the slides into the Theme and Design of the main presentation and I would like to keep the formatting from the original slide.

Is there code to keep that original formatting??

Thanks again.

Sub InsertAllSlides() ' Insert all slides from all presentations in the same folder as this one ' INTO this one; do not attempt to insert THIS file into itself, though.

Dim vArray() As String
Dim x As Long

' Change "*.PPT" to "*.PPTX" or whatever if necessary:
EnumerateFiles ActivePresentation.Path & "\", "*.PPTX", vArray

With ActivePresentation
    For x = 1 To UBound(vArray)
        If Len(vArray(x)) > 0 Then
            .Slides.InsertFromFile vArray(x), .Slides.Count
        End If
End With

End Sub

Sub EnumerateFiles(ByVal sDirectory As String, _ ByVal sFileSpec As String, _ ByRef vArray As Variant) ' collect all files matching the file spec into vArray, an array of strings

Dim sTemp As String
ReDim vArray(1 To 1)

sTemp = Dir$(sDirectory & sFileSpec)
Do While Len(sTemp) > 0
    ' NOT the "mother ship" ... current presentation
    If sTemp <> ActivePresentation.Name Then
        ReDim Preserve vArray(1 To UBound(vArray) + 1)
        vArray(UBound(vArray)) = sDirectory & sTemp
    End If
    sTemp = Dir$

End Sub

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InsertFromFile doesn't offer much control over formatting (none, actually).

Instead, try the method offered at the bottom of this page: https://software-solutions-online.com/copy-slides-one-presentation-another-vba-powerpoint/

In short:

Sub Example2()
Dim objPresentation As Presentation
Dim i As Integer

'open the target presentation
Set objPresentation = Presentations.Open("C:\2.pptx")
For i = 1 To objPresentation.Slides.Count
    Presentations.Item(1).Slides.Item(Presentations.Item(1).Slides.Count).Design = _
Next i
End Sub

To avoid screen flickering and speed things up, you can use this instead of the above to open the presentation windowlessly:

Set objPresentation = Presentations.Open("C:\2.pptx"),,False

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