I am unable to operate normal on Windows 7 and MSI B450M motherboard, because:

1) Neither USB device working, including keyboard and mouse

2) Windows update doesn't help, because it says processor is incompatible (AMD Ryzen 2400G)

3) I can't run motherboard acompanying setup CD but unknown reason. First I thought this is because it's GUI can't work mousless, but later I activated keyboard mouse manipulation but still unable to click "Install" button. During load it says KB3033929 not found. I can't install this KB because it says "Unknown error"

Is it possible to install USB drivers separately?

Please don't suggest to install Windows 10, it is not an option.

  • If this just happened on a working setup, I would suspect a hardware problem rather than a sudden software problem. That is, unless you installed lately some badly-behaved product or driver. – harrymc May 3 at 20:40
  • Do you have USB Legacy Mode enable or disabled? Edit your question instead of submitting a comment. KB3033929, is a patch that was released 4+ years ago, did you already have it installed or something? – Ramhound May 3 at 20:43

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