By using ctrl + / we can comment / uncomment the current line in android studio

and we can create shortcuts commands from settings->Keymap

now my question is how to create new keyboard shortcut to comment the current line plus adding specific word "TODO" (or any other word) ???

for example:

String str="";

after pressing ctrl + / (or any other new shortcut) it should turn into this

// TODO: String str="";

I remember this is possible in Eclipse, what about Android Studio ? is it possible?


In Android Studio you can create custom macros and set them to whatever hotkey you want.

To create the macro:

  • Go to Edit → Macros → Start Macro Recording and then enter your commands
  • When done, in the same menu hit Stop Macro Recording
  • Save it under some name.

To add a shortcut for the macro, go to Settings -> Keymap -> Macros, find your macro and add a keyboard shortcut for it.

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