I want to reference a cell in a csv file that I have downloaded, but not yet saved. For example, from Yahoo Finance I want to look at the historical price of Apple stock.


There is a link to download the data as a csv file and this works fine. I also have an open Excel file (Excel 2007 xlxs file) and within this file I want to reference the open downloaded csv file.

For Example:
=aapl.csv!$C$2 works or ='[aapl.csv]aapl'!$C$2 works or even if the saved file is closed, this works ='[C:\Users\Stephen\Documents\Financial\aapl.csv]aapl'!$C$2

The problem is that these formulas only work if I first save the downloaded csv file and then close it and reopen it or leave it closed and use the third formula above. I can not reference the unsaved downloaded open csv file. I do understand that the downloaded file location is in: C:\Users\Stephen\AppData\Local\Temp since it is not saved yet. I have tried using that full path in the formula to no avail.

I have to do this task a lot. I am simplifying the examples above becasue I am really using some Lookup functions in my spreadsheet, but that's not the point. The issue is with the reference syntax. I do not want to download and save the csv file each time. I just want to download the open file, grab the data, and then close it.(without saving it)

Suggestions? Thanks

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