I'm trying to write an AHK script that allows me to do the following:

Press the t key to toggle the 1 key being held down so that it types a bunch of 1's indefinitely until I press the t key again.

Just to be clear: I want it to repeatedly send the 1 key input and not send the command to hold the 1 key down without typing anything.

I'm aware that this could be done with a loop but unsure of how to do it; Although the t key should start and stop the loop. I also don't want the loop to be affected (even if I pressed other keys) unless it is by me manually stopping it using the t key.


If I understand right, you want the key t to start and stop the repeating of the key 1, acting as a switch.

Below is a script that does this, repeating the key at intervals of 200 milliseconds:

repeating1 = 0

if (repeating1 = 0)
    repeating1 = 1
    SetTimer, repeat1, 200
    repeating1 = 0
    SetTimer, repeat1, Off

send, 1

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