I am having a light issue that I am trying to solve and I'd like to know whether it's possible or not.

I currently have a a virtual box guest running Kubuntu on a windows 10 host. When I am at work, I have access to a network drive that I map to a drive letter (let's call it Z:) on the host and I need to access the files within this drive from the linux guest.

I did setup a permanent shared folder on virtualbox but the issues arises when for some reason I start the virtualbox when not at work and the Z: drive does not exist. What I have to do when back to work in order for the folder to appear also in the linux guest is to restart virtualbox.

I would like to know whether it's possible to set the share in a way that I could simply access it from the guest as soon as it's available again on the host.

I first tried using a symbolic link on the windows host to link the Z: drive to a subfolder of my Windows "Documents" folder (I also have a share of my documents folder set up in virtualbox) following the suggestions of How do I mount a network drive to a folder?, but unfortunately this junction simply does not open on the linux guest.

On another forum, I also found a user suggesting the command systemctl restart vboxadd-service.service to refresh the shared folders without restarting but that also does not seem to fix my problem.

Does anybody know a way to achieve this seamless mapping when using the laptop both at home and work without the need to restart the guest machine everytime I come back to work?

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