I am using a Compaq 620 notebook with Windows 7 Ultimate edition with 3 external USB ports

I tried connecting my smartphone to one of the ports I usually connect it to, and all the USB ports suddenly stopped working with the error

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

in Device Manager Device Status. There are no other error messages. I have followed all steps given here (https://troubleshooter.xyz/wiki/fix-usb-device-not-recognized-error-code-43/) except step 5 (I want to fix it without installing additional softwares) and nothing has worked. This same problem had happened a =round 2 month ago, but it got fixed itself after I stopped using the notebook for a few weeks. Trying this again is not an option now as I need to use it daily.

The current problem is that all the external USB ports have stopped detecting anything connected to them. The ports still charge my phone, and connecting a mouse to the port causes the mouse's LED to glow. However neither mouse nor phone nor any other USB drives are getting detected by windows.

How do I fix this problem, or at the very least is there any way to get more details from windows about why it has stopped the USB ports?

NOTE: (if this is relevant) the laptop doesn't have a battery and I am using it on the power supply (it did have a battery when I installed windows on it but doesn't any more, and I cannot get a replacement any time soon)

  • You don't say but I'm assuming you tried again after a reboot? – GabrielaGarcia May 6 at 10:05

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