I have some set of features in our product msi. Of those, two should be mutually exclusive. i.e., if one selected in the feature screen, automatically, other should be unselected. So, I created one more dialog “custom setup 1” as a clone of “custom setup” and swapping between these two for refreshing the values. And, when the feature A is selected, I am using the Remove event to un-select Feature B.

Dialog Event Behaviour sections

The dialog is working as expected in UI.

feature selection page

But it raised another problem. We have some custom actions, which should run anytime other than Uninstallation, i.e., install,repair,etc. So, I kept the condition as "NOT REMOVE".When we unselect the features using the REMOVE. Then these custom actions are being skipped now instead of running, as REMOVE property will have some values even during the installation.

Custom action condition

Log : MSI (s) (EC:08) [16:42:01:683]: Skipping action: New_InstallService (condition is false)

Can you suggest an alternative for this?


Instead of NOT REMOVE, I am keeping NOT (REMOVE~="ALL")

  • Are you saying this solved the problem for you? – music2myear May 14 at 21:27
  • yes @music2myear, this condition is solved my issue. – user2331760 May 16 at 8:04

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