I recently updated Notepad++ to version 7.6.6 and now my ViSimulator plugin (which provides VIM-style keybindings) won't work. In fact, the Notepad++ plugin manager no longer recognizes ViSimulator at all.

I re-downloaded the DLL visimulator.dll here and saved it to my plugins folder but the Notepad++ Plugins Admin panel doesn't see it. I am using the 32 bit version of Notepad++.

Has anyone experienced this issue and figured out a solution? Thanks!


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  • Create a directory ViSimulator in your plugins directory
  • Make sure you copy your ViSimulator.dll into that directory not at the plugins directory level (that's changed from previous versions!)
  • Start up NotePad++
  • Look at Plugins dropdown - ViSimulator should now show up
  • Select it and make sure you Enable the plugin

It should work now. I just did this a minute ago after scrambling about after a NP++ version update and my previous Vi mode no longer worked.

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