I am new to ffmpeg and tvheadend. However, I would like to create a live TV stream using ffmpeg and tvheadend.

From tvheadend, I can view the different tv channels - however, they stop working after a while i.e. 10-30 minutes. The stream profiles I use is webtv-h264-aac-matroska. webtv-h264-aac-matroska allows me to view a channel on chrome by setting the type to web/mp4 on the native html5 video tag. From the tvheadend logs, I also noticed the warning [WARNING]:libav: forced frame type (5) at 2159 was changed to frame type (3). I wonder whether this could be causing the stop after some time.

As a result, I resorted to using ffmpeg and generate a hls stream using the module nginx-ts-module. This only works on tvheadend when I use the profile webtv-h264-aac-mpegts as the input stream. However, the video generation process is slow and the video gets blocky. At times the audio doesn't work and the video also freezes. The command I use is ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -i http://localhost:9981/stream/channel/13823d4167df6e44f1a0b7cbf88829a5?profile=webtv-h264-aac-mpegts -c:v copy -c:a copy -f mpegts

Any help?

I just need a way to view the live stream on a browser - whether it comes from tvheadend only or a combination of tvheadend and ffmpeg.

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