We have two features,



These two should be selected in such a way, as below 3 scenarios.

  1. if A is selected, B should be deselected

  2. if B is selected, A should be deselected

  3. user can unselect both the features.

I am able to do 1 and 2 by using below approach.

Created a clone of CustomSetup and named it as CustomSetup1.

And in the Tree control behavior, I added below events.


Condition:MsiSelectionTreeSelectedFeature="A" and MsiSelectionTreeSelectedAction="3"

Feature Name: B


Condition:MsiSelectionTreeSelectedFeature="B" and MsiSelectionTreeSelectedAction="3"

Feature Name: A

New Dialog:

Condition: MsiSelectionTreeSelectedFeature="A" and MsiSelectionTreeSelectedAction="3"

Dialog Name: CustomSetup1

Similarly, one more with condition:MsiSelectionTreeSelectedFeature="B" and MsiSelectionTreeSelectedAction="3"

And in the Behavior os CustomSetup1, I replaced new dialog with CustomSetup.

This works for 1 and 2 scenarios, like

if I select A, B gets disabled.

If I select B,A gets disabled.

But If I unselect A or B, they themselves not getting disabled.

I mean , 3rd scenario not working.I am not able to unselect any of these features.

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