Somehow, my Webedit toolbar disappeared from Notepad++ but I really need it, especially the icons to place HTML tags around selected text.

I completely uninstalled/reinstalled Notepad++ to solve it but I'm not just getting there. The weird thing is that the plugin manager claims that Webedit is installed:

enter image description here

But still no toolbar. Besides, I don't see any trace of webedit in the plugins menu: enter image description here

Could anybody please suggest how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance!

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The WebEdit plugin is available in Notepad++ 32bit version only. If the plugin is not shown in Notepad++ Plugins Admin that can be added manually. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Notepad++ installation folder. That should be in ProgramFiles or ProgramFiles(x86) folder.
  2. Open plugins folder.
  3. Create a WebEdit folder.
  4. Download the plugin from this SourceForge: npp-plugins project as a ZIP file.
  5. Open the downloaded ZIP file and extract the files in previously created WebEdit folder.
  6. Close any Notepad++ window and reopen it.

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