I am currently using custom formatting to get an improper fraction (###/###), however, I will need the integers to be 7 instead of 7/1. How do I achieve both improper fraction OR integer (if it can be simplified)?

improper fraction

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    Perhaps use conditional formatting and test whether the cell value = INT(cell value). Use the result to pick which format to apply. – fixer1234 May 9 at 5:16
  • As in do a conditional formatting to highlight the integers and manually replace them? – Eugene May 9 at 5:19
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    Not to highlight, just to select the specific formatting you want (integer vs. fraction). – fixer1234 May 9 at 5:21

I use : =IF(INT(C2)=C2,TEXT(C2,"#"),TEXT(C2,"###/###")) and drag downwards.

Seems to solve it just fine. Hope it helps. ( :

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