We have installed and configured samba server on openSUSE 15. Everything is working fine but on shared folder we have created two sub folders called test1 and test2 in these folders we want to give permissions to specific people in the same group users.

Ex: we have created group called marketing and given access only marketing groups users but others no access.

IN that marketing group we have created two sub folders called test1 and test2. Our intention is in marketing group, specific Users need to access specific folders like userA wants acccess test2 folder but he shouldn't access test1 folder and USERB should access test1 folder but should not access test2 folder.

UserA and UserB both are belongs same (marketing) group both are able access any folders in that shared folder.

How can I restrict access userA to that (folder) test1 and UserB to restrict access to that (folder)test2?

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