I currently have a small hack in place to allow me to click on numbers inside google contacts via Chrome and dial them with my desk phone.

This works by adding :   hangouts.google.com

to my /etc/hosts file, and a small script running on apache on server, grabs the URL and calls my VOIP phone handset with the number to dial (via its web interface).

When I first set this up, I had to clear googles HSTS for hangouts from chrome and after each restart of chrome, I had to accept the invalid ssl for my local server and dialing worked a treat :)

After upgrading to the latest chrome (74.0.3729.131) it doesn't matter how often I delete the hangouts.google.com from HSTS Chrome won't let me connect to my local server.

Does anyone know if there is a command line switch I can use to start Chrome that will disable HSTS for a specific domain or even disable it totally.

I know this is not the best thing to do, but the ability to click a number under google contacts to call someone is a HUGE time saver.

Or does anyone know if there is a way to force google contacts to use a different URL for the click to dial links?

Thanks for any pointers.


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