I have the following setup:

  • WebApp is running in a Chrome Browser V74
  • Content contains links to local pdf files
    <a href="file://local.pdf">Link to local PDF<a>
  • Chrome PDF Setting: Download file links instead of showing with internal viewer is activated

  • Chrome Plugin "Allow File Downloads" is installed (Unblocks restriction for local files, otherwise it wouldn't work at all)

What happens is:

  1. Clicking directly on the link downloads the PDF, which is fine.

  2. Opening the link with "open in new tab" or pushing the middle mouse wheel, opens a new tab with following address inside: about:blank#blocked. No download is executed or PDF shown. The Page in this new tab is just blank.

The question is now what can be done to enable the PDF download by opening the PDF link in a new tab? I think Chrome is preventing this for security purposes. I have found this article in the chrome forum:

Sounds like the same issue, but I am not sure.

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