I have a DELL N4050 with Intel and ATI video driver and Windows 7. Months ago somebody tried to do a ash removal and a week after that the computer would hibernate without any interference. I disabled hiberation on lid closed it worked for a month and then the screen would keep flickering(screen off for about a second and then on again). It seems that the ACPI lid sensor is switching off and on on its own.

I checked my BIOS (and updated it to the newest version) and it seems to be an over-simplified BOIS without any configuration related to ACPI.

I checked this(prevent monitor switching when closing laptop lid). And the Volume Manager solution worked for 2 days(the computer is on for 3hrs per day). Then it flickered again(screen off for about half a second and then on again). Now it is flickering about every 2-3 seconds, making it unusable. I tried to close the lid and the screen do blackened out, seems that the ACPI lid detector is still working.

I am not familiar with hardware. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from flickering again? I tried every solution in (prevent monitor switching when closing laptop lid) without any success. I changed the Power Management in Control Panel as well.

Is changing the system to Linux would work (please tell me how, I have tried using a Manjaro XFCE live USB and every time it flickers the screen locks, and I saw posts to disable acpi driver but I doubt they would work), or what should I do if I must disassemble it? Thank you.

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