I asked two Photoshop experts I know but they haven't got a clue because all my settings are exactly the same, in both files. (except the RGB type!)

  • I use RGB color, 72DPI, 8 bits / channel.
  • No adjustments (filters, like greyscale, etc ...) are selected / used.
  • The layers are both normal, and opacity and fill are 100% (yes, in both files).

I took two screenshots, and you can see the difference:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Both colors are ff795d, but that doesn't matter, any color I use gives me the same problem: they both look different.

Now, I know the CMYK settings (see screenshots) are different, but when the settings are the same the color changes. Why is this happening and how do I solve this problem?

My guess is I'm working with different a type of RGB.

It's sRGB IE61966 - 2.1 in the file I created (file info > raw data) but I can't find that in the file that started with a screenshot.

If that's the problem, how do I change / convert the RGB, once the file is already open?


Thank you. I didn't know that.

I found the answer. I was told to make sure the color profile was the same. I looked at it again but both files were sRGB IE61966 - 2, and they still are.

But I dugg a little deeper and I found it. So even though both profiles were the same, they really weren't. I had to go to Edit > Assign Profile > and select sRGB IE61966 - 2 ! Apparently, Mac (colors) was selected for the 'screenshot' file and that caused the problem. I think this happens by default.

Assigning a profile does change the colors of the 'screenshot' file. That's no good, because I wanted to use the color picker. The way to deal with this problem is to keep it like it is (do not assign profile) and duplicate / move the layer to the sRGB IE61966 - 2 file, and use the color picker in that file. Which is how I did it before I started questioning everything :-) I now understand why those colors weren't the same.

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A you point out L a b and C M Y K values are different on each image.

4623864297 - L 72 a 42 b 38 C 0 M 54 Y 55

4624469754 - L 67 a 51 b 41 C 0 M 66 Y 63

However, there's not a 1:1 relationship between RGB and CMYK, so different CYMK values can produce the same RGB values.

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