I am creating .txt files with a list of the file names within a given subfolder. I have around 100 subfolders within each of the 18 main folders, so I would like batch create the .txt files to save time if possible. For each subfolder, I am using the following code

dir /b > filenames.txt

Can I do this in larger batches from all subfolders within each main folder?



You can iterate recursively on all files in all subfolders of a given folder with FOR /R. I believe the following code does the trick, assuming you want to parse D:\Test :

for /R "D:\Test" %I in (*) do @echo "%I" >> filenames.txt

EDIT : The previous code outputs the full path to each file it finds, if you only want the filenames, use this code instead :

for /R "D:\Test" %I in (*) do @echo "%~nxI" >> filenames.txt
  • This does not do what the OP is asking, which is for a separate listing file in each directory. – DavidPostill May 11 at 16:15
  • Thanks for answer, Louis! And then thanks for clarifying, David! I adjusted the code slightly and the outcomes works the same for what I need. I did : for /R %I in (*) do @echo "%~nxI" >> filenames.txt – Alex M. May 13 at 12:34

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