I am using one Windows 10 and one Mac laptops and I want to make them consistent in the shortcut key to show desktop. Right now, the key in Mac is F11 and in PC it is Win+D. Is there a way to change one of them to the other so that I can use the same shortcut when using any laptop? This would make my life much easier and save me time. I checked the options for Mac and looks like there is no Cmd+D option -- given macOS Cmd corresponds to the Win key, this shortcut would have been useful.


The Cmd key in macOS is used in a fashion akin to Control in Windows -- common shortcuts like Undo, Cut, Copy and Paste are mapped to Cmd+Z, Cmd+X, Cmd+C, Cmd+V, etc. The Cmd+D shortcut is frequently used by web browsers for the Add Bookmark command, and in the Finder for Duplicate, so remapping it to a system-wide shortcut may not be a great idea.

That's not to say it isn't possible, though! You can set this as a shortcut in the Keyboard preferences pane -- switch to the Shortcuts tab, click "Mission Control", then double-click the line for "Show Desktop" and type the shortcut you'd like to use. Some really bad shortcuts (like unmodified letters or numbers) can't be selected, but there are few other requirements.

Screenshot of the Keyboard preferences pane with "Show Desktop" remapped to Cmd+D

I'm not aware of any similarly easy way to remap Win+key shortcuts in Windows.


Both operating systems you have specified have software available on the 'net called keyboard remapping software. As this is not the Software Recommendations SE, I won't specify, but the variety of choices is quite large.

There is a near-duplicate of this question, although the OP requests no third-party software. Your question did not have this limitation, hence the suggestion for using keyboard remapping software.

Alternatively, hot-key programs can accomplish a similar result. Mapping/setting the hot key for F11 to Win-D might be simpler and/or the program you select with that focus may have less overhead.

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