I'm organizing a lot of files and directories,

so for example,

within directory A there is directory B, C and file X, Y


  - DIR C

  - file X

  - file Y

  - file Z

I want to move file X, Y in to DIR B,

method 1. select files, and then drag and drop with mouse

method2. select files, cut those files (ctrl-x) and then go in DIR B, paste those files (ctrl-v) inside

since there are so many dir & files (100s & 1000s), method 1 using manual mouse control

is somewhat tiresome, so I want to use the keyboard mostly

I want to use methode 2 but directly pasting on the DIR-B (by selecting it and ctrl-v on it)

doesn't work, that you should go inside the actual DIR-B, then post.

is there a way to directly 'paste inside the DIR-B' by keyboard shortcuts,

without going inside the actual directory, but by selecting it only?

is there a good 'file manager' software that is useful for these kind of keyboard oriented inteface?

  • Does right-click the directory and choose paste from the menu work? If so, then you can activate the context menu from the keyboard (if you have a 104 key), the context menu key should be between the right Alt and Ctrl. – Ben Voigt May 12 at 5:15
  • thank you & yes, I think the most close way is to select the directory -> right click for menu (shortcut seems "shift f10", , i don't have direct button in my keyboard) -> click paste (press "p" 3 times and "enter") i have not found a direct shortcut key for pasting the file into the highlighted folder or folder shorcut, or any file manager program which supports such functionality without going into each folder for pasting – user1034968 May 12 at 5:19

In Windows Explorer, type the following into the address bar:


That will open a special folder in the path C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

In there, make a shortcut to the directory you want to copy to, such as DIR-B.

After that, you can go to the location of your files that you want to copy. Select them, and right-click. In the pop-up menu, you should see "Send to >". When you mouse over that, a sub-menu will appear, and DIR-B should be one of the options. Just click on it, and it will copy the selected files to that location.

  • thank you for your reply~! your reply is a good tip, like using multiple folder shortcuts. so there are no direct keyboard shortcuts to paste in the highlighted folder or folder shortcut, I guess? (other than right click, and paste or "send to") – user1034968 May 12 at 5:13

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