I want to know how to change the process name root to another one?

when using the following command:

ps aux | grep keepalived
root     26982  0.0  0.0  19344  1560 ?        Ss   11:52   0:00 /usr/local/keepalived-2.0.16/sbin/keepalived -D
root     26983  0.0  0.1  19344  2404 ?        S    11:52   0:02 /usr/local/keepalived-2.0.16/sbin/keepalived -D
root     30816  0.0  0.0   9288  1628 pts/1    S+   13:49   0:00 grep --color=auto keepalived

keepalived working as expected handle virtual IP and failover.

but I want to change root to username:keepalived

my env:

(due to https://www.keepalived.org/index.html says:"Keepalived code present in git master branch must be considered as stable and futur proof.",

and https://www.keepalived.org/manpage.html only show one version(is that 2.0.16?) document, I choose 2.0.16 to discuss)

(the following information is 2.0.16 version, Run command as root, but I can see the similar error in 1.4.5)

how I install keepalived:

wget http://keepalived.org/software/keepalived-2.0.16.tar.gz
tar -xvf keepalived-2.0.16.tar.gz
cd keepalived-2.0.16/
zypper in gcc
zypper in openssl-devel
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/keepalived-2.0.16
sudo make install

setting keepalived.conf

vi /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf
! Configuration File for keepalived
global_defs {
    script_user keepalived
# Script used to check if nginx is running
vrrp_script check_nginx {
    script "/etc/keepalived/check_nginx.sh"
    interval 2
    weight 2
# Virtual interface
# The priority specifies the order in which the assigned interface to take over in a failover
vrrp_instance VI_1 {
    state MASTER
    interface eth0
    virtual_router_id 51
    priority 150
    advert_int 1
    authentication {
        auth_type PASS
        auth_pass pass
    # The virtual ip address shared between the two loadbalancers
    virtual_ipaddress { # Block limited to 20 IP addresses
    track_script {

what I already try:

  1. cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/keeplaived.service to /etc/systemd/system/keepalived.service and add user tag

but keepalived not working anymore, keepalived stop.

  1. change dir, permission in /etc/systemd/system/keepalived.service
ExecStart=/usr/local/keepalived-2.0.16/sbin/keepalived $KEEPALIVED_OPTIONS -p /etc/keepalived/keepalived.pid -r /etc/keepalived/vrrp.pid -c /etc/keepalived/keepalived_checkers.pid
useradd -M -s /bin/nologin -d /opt/keepalived keepalived
chown -R keepalived:users /etc/keepalived/

this time keepalived start working

keepali+ 26289  0.0  0.0  19344  1628 ?        Ss   11:34   0:00 /usr/local/keepalived-2.0.16/sbin/keepalived -D -p /etc/keepalived/keepalived.pid -r /etc/keepalived/vrrp.pid -c /etc/keepalived/keepalived_checkers.pid
keepali+ 26290  0.0  0.1  19344  2456 ?        S    11:34   0:00 /usr/local/keepalived-2.0.16/sbin/keepalived -D -p /etc/keepalived/keepalived.pid -r /etc/keepalived/vrrp.pid -c /etc/keepalived/keepalived_checkers.pid
root     26323  0.0  0.0   9288  1628 pts/1    S+   11:35   0:00 grep --color=auto keepalived

but got following error in systemctl status keepalived and journalctl -xe

-- Unit keepalived.service has begun starting up.
Keepalived[10409]: Starting Keepalived v2.0.16 (05/03,2019), git commit v2.0.15-96-g4d492740+
Keepalived[10409]: Running on Linux 4.12.14-95.13-default #1 SMP Fri Mar 22 06:04:58 UTC 2019 (c01bf34) (bu
Keepalived[10409]: Command line: '/usr/local/keepalived-2.0.16/sbin/keepalived' '-D' '-p'
Keepalived[10409]:               '/etc/keepalived/keepalived.pid' '-r' '/etc/keepalived/vrrp.pid' '-c'
Keepalived[10409]:               '/etc/keepalived/keepalived_checkers.pid'
Keepalived[10409]: Opening file '/etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf'.
Keepalived[10409]: Failed to bind to process monitoring socket - errno 1 - Operation not permitted
systemd[1]: Started LVS and VRRP High Availability Monitor.
-- Subject: Unit keepalived.service has finished start-up
-- Defined-By: systemd
-- Support: http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/systemd-devel
-- Unit keepalived.service has finished starting up.
-- The start-up result is done.
Keepalived[10409]: Remove a zombie pid file /etc/keepalived/keepalived.pid
Keepalived[10409]: Remove a zombie pid file /etc/keepalived/vrrp.pid
Keepalived[10412]: Starting VRRP child process, pid=10413
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: Registering Kernel netlink reflector
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: Registering Kernel netlink command channel
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: Opening file '/etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf'.
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: Assigned address for interface eth0
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: Assigned address fe80::a00:27ff:feef:6ebe for interface eth0
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: Error 1 while registering gratuitous ARP shared channel
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: (VI_1) removing VIPs.
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: Netlink: error: Operation not permitted, type=RTM_DELADDR(21), seq=1557728895, pid=
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: cant open raw socket. errno=1
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: (VI_1) Entering BACKUP STATE (init)
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: VRRP sockpool: [ifindex(2), family(IPv4), proto(112), unicast(0), fd(-1,-1)]
Keepalived_vrrp[10414]: Couldn't setgroups: 100 (Operation not permitted)
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: VRRP_Script(check_nginx) succeeded
Keepalived_vrrp[10413]: (VI_1) Changing effective priority from 150 to 152
Keepalived_vrrp[10415]: Couldn't setgroups: 100 (Operation not permitted)

(in my case, I use keepalived to failover the nginx ) also, I want to ask

  • is there a forum or Q&A for keepalived?

  • the better way to install keepalived?

    • keepalived 1.4.5(for now) from zypper(package manager)?
    • keepalived latest 2.0.16(for now) from source code?
  • is something I do or what I think is wrong or weird?


According to the response by Alexandre Cassen(I asked with email) ....

The answer is quite simple, in fact due to the fact Keepalived is operating at OS level, it will not work if run with another user with less privileges than root. Keepalived need to open differents routing channel and system with kernel that can only be done with root level auth (RAW socket, netlink setting channel, ...).

Quickly reading your post on that forum and just to confirm, Last stable release on Keepalived website must be considered for production. I am really upset that most of linux distro are sill shipping very old release. Canonical/Ubuntu made an advance on the topic and we created a snapcraft.io package for Keepalived is closely linked to Keepalived github. But using that last published release is always a good practice, we really spend lot of time testing and debugging to offer best soft.

So, the answer is NO.

And try to use the last release keepalived.

Thanks for Alexandre Cassen.

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