I am attempting to very a PGP Signature using Fedora and have no prior experience using PGP but did manage to get urandom set up correctly.

I have the Public Key and a document downloadable from this link. On F30 I have tried gpg --import pgp-key.txt but get an error. I have also attempted to use gpg --verify pgp-key.txt LetterGuarantee.txt and tried renaming pgp-key.txt to pgp-key.asc. I also tried using PGP Verify File Signature. I have even tried to download the Public Key from a keyserver but Seahorse crashes immediately when trying to download any key, I tried to download a couple for some people I regularly receive signed email from on a message list also. All menthods so far have failed but the service itself works correctly.

Someone kindly pointed me to another keyserver where I found the key. Using that I now get

$ gpg --verify pgp-key.asc LetterGuarantee.txt
gpg: verify signatures failed: Unexpected error

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