I have Firefox (the Developer version) from www.portableapps.com/apps and I am signed into my Firefox account to sync settings.

It is 'installed' to ...


I launch through SlickRun using C:\Utils\FirefoxPortableDeveloper\firefox.exe in the filename parameter, and C:\Utils\FirefoxPortableDeveloper\ in the 'startup path' parameter.

It shows me my device name, which I modified and gave a more aesthetically pleasing short name. snippet of sync tab

If I Ctrl+N or Ctrl+T and check the sync page then the device name I chose is displayed. All good so far.

However, If I right-click the taskbar icon and choose 'Firefox Developer Edition' Firefox Developer Edition taskbar icon

and go to the sync settings tab/page, then I get a different device name (I also changed this one. Firefox developer sync tab device name setting

Has anyone else experienced this?

The PortableApps version of Firefox does not do this behaviour.

I do not want to install the full version of Firefox (or Firefox Developer) as I want to use my personal Firefox sync account on my work machine, and want to be able to delete that folder from c:\utils\ and know that all my settings are removed from this machine.

I don't want to install the full version of Firefox

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