I want to be able to launch a .bat file I've written from the task bar.

I've successfully created the shortcut and have located it in Explorer. However, Windows doesn't do anything when I drag the shortcut to the task bar, and it doesn't display "task bar" as a destination in the "Send To" menu.

Is this a new restriction, or is it possible to have a bat launcher on the task bar?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a .bat file on the desktop (contents don't matter).
  • Create a shortcut to that .bat file.
  • Try to drag the shortcut to the task bar from Explorer.
  • Right-click the shortcut and look in vain for some way of making it launchable from the task bar.

OS: Windows 10 Pro


1 Answer 1

  • Right click on the Desktop
  • Pick the command "New -> Shortcut" from the context menu
  • In the shortcut target, enter cmd /c "full path to your batch file"
  • Name the shortcut
  • Right click that new shortcut
  • Choose "Pin to Task Bar" from the context menu.

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