A recent Google Chrome update seems to have made the omnibox bar completely useless for me, I used to write the letter "i" and it used to put "imgur.com" as first suggestion (so just pressing enter was enough to enter the website), that's no longer the case, instead it is showing me as first suggestion a google search for the word "imgur" and that is not what I want at all, I tried do shift+supr to delete the suggestion with no success, I tried accessing imgur.com directly dozens of times in case it was a ranking algorithm gone awry but it did nothing as well.

I hate chrome now

Any suggestions?


The steps outlined in the link below fix the issue or at least improves things:

Basically open chrome://flags/ in chrome, search for the option "Omnibox Google Drive Document suggestions" and disable it. Why exactly this improves it is not really clear. Even then it only seems to work for certain sites for some reasons, at least here.


Not very obvious though and annoying, as this is my favourite way of accessing sites.

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