I have a bat file that is scheduled to run every 15 Minutes with the Windows 10 Task Scheduler. At some point it has to open a local html file in Internet Explorer.

START iexplore.exe -k C:\PATH\TO\FILE.html

That works perfectly when executing manually or using the option

only run when user is logged on

On some Systems that task started to fail recently with the error

The operator or administrator has refused the request(0x800710E0)

I tested some settings and the above problem seems to be resolved if i use credentials in the Task scheduler with the option

Run wether user is logged on or not

Now the task is completed successfully but the internet explorer does not open.

If i create a new .bat with this content:

start iexplore.exe -k C:\file.html

and schedule it to run every 15 minutes it does not open the internet explorer if i use credentials, but it does if i use the "only run if user is logged on" option. Why is that ?


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