This may sound a little confusing, bear with me here.

I essentially want to put a system into a loop of logging off and logging in.

I've got the logging off part down. It's just a logon script.

I was thinking maybe it'd be possible to use a logoff script to log the user back on, thus creating the loop.

I've done just about all of the Googling I can.

You may be asking: "Why?" I'm trying to be a little devious to my fellow classmates. -With my teachers permission, of course.

Essentially what I'm asking is: How do I write a script that will log the user on, that can be ran as a logoff script.

The system I plan to try it on is running Win7.

The Logoff script is just a simple,

%systemroot%\system32\timeout.exe /t 3  
%systemroot%\system32\shutdown.exe /l

This just adds a small delay before logging the user off. It is ran through Logon scripts in Group Policy.

Note: I did look into the AutoAdminLogon, but that will not be useful in creating a loop as I'd like.

Note part 2: I'm aware that this inst a free code writing service, I just figured that this seemed pretty basic, and that it wasn't too much to ask.

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