I would like to run Whatsapp on Chrome using this extension Archon Runtime. To achieve the goal,this is what I did :

  • 1) I've got the apk file of Whatsapp

    2) I've installed Chrome OS and the extension named twerk.

    3) I've given the apk file to twerk and it has created the proper Archon files for running whatsapp on Chrome for Windows

    4) Unfortunately it didn't work because this error.

What can I do to fix that error ?

  • Why not just run WhatsChrome - Chrome Web Store or the official MacOS or Windows WhatsApp Download WhatsApp? – DavidPostill May 15 at 19:59
  • there is a reason : the whatsapp versions that you are talking about create a link between the PC and the phone and they make the battery discharge quickly. Actually I'm using whatsapp with Bluestack and I have fixed this problem,BUT this tool is too heavy. So,I've thought that if I can install whatsapp with the Archon RunTime I can have a lighter virtual machine where i can run whatsapp. – John Connor May 15 at 21:03
  • Consider explaining the error in more detail within your question so that potential answerers can more easily assist you. – Ulincsys May 15 at 22:41
  • there are no further explanations,since I'm not a programmer. – John Connor May 16 at 13:17

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