I run Firefox Nightly (68.0a1) and it pretends to allow me to choose when to update, but then proceeds to nag me about it nonstop until I cave in and actually do an update.

As you can imagine this is incredibly annoying since updates are released, well, nightly. This means I get an endless stream of popovers like this that I can't seem to do anything about:

Annoying update popover

Clicking "Not Now" dismisses the popover until an arbitrary time later, or until the next app launch, so even if I click it I will probably have to dismiss it again a few minutes later.

  • The Nightly settings page does not offer me the option to turn off autoupdate without also bothering me about it multiple times a day
  • Setting app.update.auto to false has no effect other than to constantly make these popovers appear
  • Setting app.update.silent to true has no effect on this problem

The same behavior exists in the standard Firefox release as far as I'm aware, so the question applies to that as well.

How do I get rid of these popovers?

MacOS Mojave 10.14.4


The quick answer is to

  • Browse to Applications with Finder
  • Right click and show the package contents of Firefox.app
  • Create new directory Firefox.app/Contents/Resources/distribution
  • Create a text file called policies.json
  • Insert the following
    "policies": {
    "DisableAppUpdate": true
  • Save the file and reopen Firefox.

The above is a rehash with list based instructions from How to stop Firefox's new versions from showing the update nag screen?

The reason Mozilla did this is detailed in this article https://www.ghacks.net/2018/07/28/mozilla-makes-it-more-difficult-to-block-firefox-updates/

If you have an opinion about this "feature" you might give them some feedback https://qsurvey.mozilla.com/s3/FirefoxInput/

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  • Thanks, looks like a good solution. I'm afraid I can't test it a.t.m. because, as usual, the problem magically disappeared at the same time it received an answer. – Sirap yesterday
  • I did set app.update.download.attempts, app.update.download.promptMaxAttempts and app.update.elevate.attempts to 0, and multiplied app.update.badgeWaitTime and app.update.interval with about 10000, and app.update.doorhanger to false so maybe one of them decided to finally kick in after a week of having no effect. – Sirap yesterday

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