Is this possible? Would like to script the backup of all reports, and be able to restore one! Would prefer through SQL if that was possible....

The normal SQL backup/restore does the entire report catalog, I am looking for a process to do a single report.

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    Is what possible? What have you tried? First, your post seems to lack some context necessary to make it easy enough to understand, and second, the parts of it I believe I understand seem to be asking for someone to give you scripts. But SuperUser isn't a script writing service. Please use the EDIT button to improve and clarify your question, and include any research you have done on this topic and things you have tried before asking. – music2myear May 15 at 23:15
  • Do you mean the query the report is built on, or the output data from a given query used for a specific report? SQL Reports are basically queries dropping data into (sometimes) a prettified UI. So, if you just need the query, then just copy/paste it. But, if you want a specific RUN of that query it'll be different. Your question still appears to lack necessary information. – music2myear 2 days ago